FS_FC_SEFAR AntiBac technology 01

SEFAR AntiBac Technology

SEFAR AntiBac – Minimizes the colonization of micro-organisms / bacteria on filter fabrics in the areas of food, non-food and medicine.

FS_FC_SEFAR AntiBac technology 01
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Equipping yarn/fabrics with silver

Sefar has developed a special anti-microbial fabric that does not need any coating and is nonetheless highly efficient.
The silver particles integrated in the polymer are a fixed component of the yarn.
This minimizes the breakdown of silver particles through thermal and mechanical stress. It also achieves a good repository effect.

Affect on micro-organisms

The yarn generates a permanent 'protective cloak' and inhibits or prevents any microbial or bacterial regrowth.

Micro-organism tries to form a colony and absorbs Ag+

Micro-organism dies off after contamination with Ag+

For industry/application specific use please see links below:

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