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AS_Architecture_Exterior_Juvia Restaurant 03
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SEFAR Architecture | fabric&weather

Photometric PTFE fabric for outdoor applications has maximum tensile strength. Sefar provides fabrics having relatively low and high basis weights and open mesh fabric.

AS_Architecture_Exterior_Medina sunshades 08
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AS_Architecture_Exterior_Juvia Restaurant 03
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AS_Architecture_Exterior_Salzburg train station 01
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Membrane and tensile fabric structures, kinetic folding and retractable canopies and structures, blinds, screens, and large awnings, etc.


Permanently UV-resistant and colorfast, durable, highly translucent, waterproof and weatherproof, dirt- and water-repellent, high functional and esthetic qualities thanks to optimized technical specifications for fabric manufacture and light transmission.


  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Louie Bossi Restaurant 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Louie Bossi Restaurant

    En-Fold retractable exterior canopy made with Tenara fabric

    Reference: Louie Bossi Restaurant
  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Tenara_Fazer Entrance Sail 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Entrance Sail

    With the SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric the entrance area of Fazer AG is always well protected.

    Reference: Entrance Sail
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IE-200-S Google 03pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Google Optix Atlanta

    New corporate office with fabric providing creative shading

    Reference: Google Optix Atlanta
  • AS_Architecture_f&w_BeerPark-LasVegas 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Budweiser Beer Park

    Hotel fabric roofing system in Las Vegas.

    Reference: Budweiser Beer Park
  • AS_Architecture_f&w_St.George Ferry terminal 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    St. George Ferry Terminal

    Multiple layers of TENARA Fabric 4T40HF in a star pattern were installed around the center ‘cone’ of each of the 12 light canopies.

    Reference: St. George Ferry Terminal
  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Central Railway Station Graz 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Central Railway Station Graz

    Around 3’000 m² of station forecourt and 4’500 m² of platform area are now covered by a roof in the form of a wave using SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric 4T40HF.

    Reference: Central Railway Station Graz
  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Munich House-of-Artists 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Munich House of Artists – convertible membrane roof for courtyard

    The Munich House of Artists – meeting point for art and society – would like to make the courtyard welcoming irrespective of the weather.

    Reference: Munich House of ArtistsSee video...
  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Google Headquarters 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Google Headquarters

    SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric diffuses light without blocking it completely, resulting an evenly illuminated and comfortable space underneath the trellis.

    Reference: Google HeadquartersAdditional picture material
  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel

    The luxury hotel provides its guest a rooftop terrace, covered with a retractable canopy to protect guests and dining areas in all types of weather.

    Reference: Radisson Blu Edwardian HotelAdditional picture materialSee video...
  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Hotel Charleston 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Hotel Charleston

    The client requested retractable weather protection for an open-air, five-story high courtyard space that needed to be more fully utilized. Inclement weather prevents full use of the space on a regular basis.

    Reference: Hotel CharlestonAdditional picture material
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Buchs-Metzgergasse 05pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Membrane Roofing Metzgergasse

    A foldable fabric membrane roof spans the 11 m wide and 50 m long Metzgergasse in the heart of the city of Buchs.

    Reference: Roofing MetzgergasseAdditional picture materialSee video...
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Bal Harbour 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Bal Harbour Shops Luxury Mall, Miami

    The roof was built for Bal Harbour Shops’ inner courtyard, an event space that required a retractable solution to shield from rain or harsh sunlight, improving the shopping experience.

    Reference: Bal Harbour ShopsSee video...
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Medina sunshades 08pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Sun shades for pilgrims, Medina

    A total of 250 umbrellas, each one with a surface area of 650 m² and 15 meters high, have been installed in the area surrounding the mosque in Medina al-Munawwarah. These umbrellas work together to form a shaded area of 143,000 m².

    Reference: Medina sun shades
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Ventilation Tower03pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Ventilation tower, Oslo

    The Norwegian Highways Authority decided to construct a now much-used, inner-city tangential beneath the ground. The obligatory ventilation shaft, which serves to extract air from the tunnel below, was made using technical fabric.

    Reference: Ventilation towerAdditional picture material
  • AS_Architecture_Sefar_Tenara_Newport-Beach 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    A work of art

    A curved sail made from tough SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric conceals the two-storey council chamber of the civic building like a seashell, bringing a gentle light from the nearby ocean into play.

    Reference: A work of art
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Mediterranean Oasis01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Mediterranean shadowing

    The top design priority was to provide protection from sun and heat for the sizeable outdoor area. The upper and lower awnings fulfill different functions.

    Reference: Mediterranean shadowing
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Progress Network 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Object-like structure

    It serves as a point of reference and meeting place near the entrance door and as a result of the involvement of several partners from the TEXTILE ARCHITECTURE Network.

    Reference: Object-like structure
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Hotel Riva 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Sun shading at Hotel Riva

    The wave design is a creative symbol which can be seen throughout the building – in the hotel logo, in the tensioned roof awning, and in the ceiling panels.

    Reference: Sun shading at Hotel Riva
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Ruetlihaus Restaurant 02pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Roofing Rütlihaus

    The canopy is made from translucent Tenara membrane, which ensures UV and weather protection yet allows sunlight in, giving the roof the appearance of a pergola.

    Reference: Roofing Ruetlihaus
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Hospitalpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Hospital Helicopter Landing Pad

    The new service bridge permits direct access from the platform elevator to the main house elevator which leads directly to the operating theater. The entire route has to be kept dry.

    Reference: University Hospital
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Railway Station Salzburg 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    New roof for Main Station, Salzburg

    A covered area of 1700 m² providing fixed protection from the elements and natural lighting beneath, thanks to the SEFAR Architecture TENARA fabric.

    Reference: Main Station Salzburg
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Juvia Restaurant 03pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Juvia Restaurant, Miami

    Protecting the Juvia penthouse, located on the rooftop of a nine-storey building in Miami, and features an outdoor terrace with seating for 60 patrons.

    Reference: Juvia RestaurantSee video...
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Louis-Vuitton_Singapore02pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Louis Vuitton Flagship Store, Singapore

    The floating SEFAR Architecture fabric provides the necessary shade and protects the luxury goods from the effects of UV light while still allowing daylight to fill the 2250 m² pavilion.

    Reference: Louis Vuitton Flagship
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Tenara_BC-Place 06pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    BC Place Stadium, Vancouver

    Cable-supported roof of BC Place made with SEFAR Architecture TENARA fabric is the biggest of its kind in the world.

    Reference: BC Place StadiumSee video...
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Tenara_Camden Market 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Camden Markets Walkway, London

    SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric covers the entrance to a new restaurant in Camden Markets.

    Reference: Camden Markets Walkway
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Tenara_HVB-Bank 02bpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    HVB Bank, Convertible Open-Air Atrium

    Convertible space open-air in good weather and enclosed in bad with enough light entering.

    Reference: Convertible Open-Air Atrium
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_uni-systems01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Retractable roof for Soho Beach Hotel

    New retractable awning for the garden restaurant and Club Bar of the Soho Beach House.

    Reference: Retractable roof for Soho Hotel
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Auckland Airport 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Significant sculptural piece for Auckland Airport

    Pou Manawa (Maori name for the Tree) is the heart of the new retail centre at Auckland International Airport. The tree form is achieved by tensioning a SEFAR Architecture membrane between a massive perimeter truss ring frame suspended from the buildings roof structure and a sculptural trunk base. The independant structural elements enabled a clear uninterrupted surface to be created for projection.

    Reference: Pou manawa tree – Auckland Airport
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Fortress Kufstein 02pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Kufstein Fortress Arena

    A retractable roof for the Kufstein Fortress Arena allows open-air events to take place also in case of unfavorable weather.

    Reference: Kufstein Fortress ArenaSee video...
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Wimbledon01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Wimbledon, Tennis Court

    The retractable roof on Wimbledon Centre Court allows Tennis to be played during rain.

    Reference: Wimbledon, Tennis CourtSee video...
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Blue dome 02pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Blue Dome theme park

    Blue Dome, an unusual theme park, shows water in all its forms. The textile PTFE membrane roofing provides weather protection as well as lighting and shade for the building.

    Reference: Blue Dome theme park
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Wasseralfingen castlepinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Courtyard umbrella at Wasseralfingen Castle

    An elegant and functional umbrella installation for the historic castle Wasseralfingen now allows public theater, concerts and cultural events to take place in all weathers.

    Reference: Wasseralfingen castle
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Aerosun umbrellapinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Aerosun Architectural Umbrella

    Architectural umbrellas for up-market requirements where esthetic styling is of paramount importance. High-quality materials withstand wind-velocities up to 100 km/h, are waterproof and UV-resistant.

    Reference: Architectural umbrella
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Family house 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Detached family house with sun and privacy screen

    SEFAR Architecture Fabrics have been employed as a room divider, it stretches from floor to ceiling. Similarly, it is used as a curtain and for facade elements in the roof structure and balustrades.

    Reference: Detached family house
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Display column 1bpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Bronze Display Column – Württemberg State Museum

    With the bronze display column situated in front of the old castle, the Württemberg State Museum wishes to create an impressive feature that highlights and gives information about its ongoing exhibitions.

    Reference: Display column
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Suspended canopypinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Suspended aeronautec Architectural Canopy

    Innovative fabrics for textile architecture open up almost endless artistic possibilities – in particular for open spaces. The Ammonhof Dresden is an office and administrative center whose unusual architecture is appreciated not only by its tenants but also by the city’s many inhabitants.

    Reference: Suspended canopy
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Light pylon 1bpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Light pylon for traffic roundabout

    Make an impression using architecture and art! The interior-lit 11 m-high steel structure covered with technical light fabric is a wonderful way to do so.

    Reference: Light pylon
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Endmontage Aeronautecpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    All-weather canopy

    Membrane roofs used as all-weather canopies that are attractively and individually designed for each customer ensure maximum functionality and aesthetics. The fabric guarantees a reliable UV and weather resistance over many years.

    Reference: All-weather canopy
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Sassuspinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Rollable sun awnings

    All-season roll-system awnings. Solutions from SASSUS offer the perfect combination of functionality and design, innovation and quality.

    Reference: Rollable sun awnings
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Darmstadtpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Communication Lounge, Darmstadt

    High-quality membrane roofs for a communication lounge.

    Reference: Communication Lounge
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Gad Goisernpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Court yard roofing, Neuwildenstein Castle

    The use of textiles for construction/renovation purposes makes the continued use of historical buildings possible despite their easy-to-damage and delicate condition.

    Reference: Neuwildenstein Castle
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Swisscom marqueepinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Swisscom Event Marquee

    The inflatable and well-illuminated structure intended for use as a marquee by Swisscom to give a modern and fresh outlook for PR presentations and for event- and sponsorship-activities.

    Reference: Swisscom event marquee
  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Mozart umbrella 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Funnel Umbrella for Café Mozart, Vienna

    Three large funnel-shaped umbrellas are giving shade at the Albertinaplatz in Vienna.

    Reference: Café Mozart, Vienna


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_EH-35-T2pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_EH-35-T2 lumipinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_EL-30-T1-UVpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_EL-30-T1-UV lumipinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_EL-40-T1pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_EL-40-T1 lumipinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_EL-55-TOpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_EL-55-TO lumipinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IE-200-Spinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IE-200-S lumipinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


Fabric sample request

In order to get the fabric samples you are interested in, please contact us.

SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabrics

SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric enhances the beauty of a space while extending its use. The fabric made of strong ePTFE yarns and the unique, patented double-coated technology provide high light transmission, the flexibility and foldability of fabric and an extremely high durability.

Please find further details at:

SEFAR Architecture I/E-200-S Fabric

  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IE-200-S Google 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IE-200-S Google 02pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IE-200-S Google 04pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IE-200-S Google 03pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


SEFAR Architecture I/E-200-S fabrics are screen, uncoated, 200 cm wide, photometric fabrics, which are permanently UV-resistant and colorfast, weatherproof, dirt- and water repellent, have no absorption of moisture, low weight per square meter, high functional and aesthetic qualities thanks to optimized technical specifications for fabric manufacture and light transmission. Application areas are luminous ceilings and walls, ceiling awnings, lighting design, room dividers, acoustic awnings etc.

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