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Filter fabrics

Sefar Filtration Fabrics are extensively used in the filtration process and as filter components in industries such as medical, automotive and electronics industries. Sefar Filtration Fabrics have a wide range of precision woven mesh fabrics available to suit all particular applications.

Main industries for Sefar fabrics

Food industry

Automotive industry

Chemical and medical industry


Mining & Refining

Sefar filtration fabrics have a wide range of precision woven mesh fabrics available to suit all particular applications.

Popular products able to be customised include

Dust collector bags

Filter belts

Drum cloths

Filter press cloths

Liquid filter bags


Sefar Filtration has partnered with the BWF Group to provide the very best high quality needle felts. Usually made from synthetic fibres and a scrim, BWF offers needle felt made from all types of fibres and scrims that are currently available on the market.

Our wide range of products from standard needle felts for low temperature applications to high-tech products from high temperature applications.


Fibre types available:




Polyacrylonitrile copolymer

Temperature resistant olefin

Polyacrylonitrile homopolymer







Like other Sefar products and services including, dust collector bags, filter belts, filter housings, filter press cloths, drum cloths and filter cartridges, needle felts are the highest quality, constructed by skilled and precise manufacturers, offering an incredible product at great value.

Pneumatic Airslide

Sefar Filtration works in partnership with leading airslide conveying fabric producers in offering a comprehensive range of solutions for powder conveying to suit all industry segment applications.

Product features

Airslide fabrics are exposed to substantial stresses from temperature, contact pressure, friction, tensile stress and moisture. Sefar Filtration ensure that each application has the correct fabric to suit these conditions along with their other popular products, including dust collector bags, filter belts, filter cartridges, drum cloths and filter housings.

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