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Appliance and industrial filters

In the appliance segment, Sefar offers a comprehensive range of filters for daily household use. In doing so, Sefar relies on a large number of its own polymer fabrics, whose advantages include high durability, precise mesh openings and the widest range of weaves available.

FS_FC_Industrial & Appliances_Household filter Combi
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Sefar Precision Fabrics provide the highest quality and most durable solutions in millions of filtration systems. In addition, Sefar understands the competitive environment of the appliance industry and is able to offer fabrics that have been subjected to extensive test procedures and specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the customer.


Beverage filter

Sefar offers fabric solutions for a variety of household systems for filtering drinking water, coffee or tea. All of these durable filters are made from Sefar polyamide, polyester and polypropylene fabrics.

Dishwasher filter / Washing machine filter

The Sefar fabrics in washing machines protect the pump from food-scraps and other particles. This extends the life of the washing machines while also contributing to its consistent performance. Our fabrics with customized pore sizes are the ideal solution for all dishwashers and other types of washing machines.

Air conditioners

In air conditioning systems, Sefar fabrics are used for various applications. Among other things, they protect the system from dust; but they can also be adapted to have the ability to remove viruses, bacteria and fungal spores in the air.

Vacuum cleaners

Sefar polymer fabrics are installed in vacuum cleaners to protect the air pump from dust and other small particles. In addition, our fabric filters particles from the outgoing air. Pleated Sefar fabric is particularly effective in this application due to its large filter surface. It is also used in air purifier filters.

Hair dryers

In hair dryers, a removable and washable filter made of Sefar fabric protects the drive. Sefar manufactures a range of fabrics with various pore sizes that are precisely suited to the customer’s requirements.

Clothes dryers

Filters / lint screens made of Sefar fabric prevent lint from building up and hindering the flow of hot air, thus ensuring that the devices maintain a constant performance. For particularly high temperatures, the Sefar PEEK fabric is used.

Water and pool filters

In the water pumps used in swimming pools and ponds, as well as in other pool cleaning systems, Sefar fabrics can be supplied for many customer-specific applications. Special coatings can be applied that enable dirt, viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and allergic substances to be filtered out of the water.

Air filters

Sefar fabrics can be used to filter the cooling air for drives on chainsaws and other applications in and around the house. Specially treated fabrics have, for example, hydrophobic properties that ensure their suitability for use in all weather conditions.

Spray bottles

In the spray head of the containers of many cleaning agents, Sefar fabrics are used to atomize the cleaning spray or foam. The different weaves and chemical properties of the fabric can be customized according to the customer’s specifications.

Industrial and appliance filters

High dimensional stability and tensile strength

Constant fabric stiffness and thickness

Repeatable pore size and filtration performance

Smooth surface

Low pressure drop and high flow rate

Versatility in surface properties and systems

Large choice of materials, dimensions and weaving patterns

Good filtration efficiency

Inherent material properties

Good fatigue properties compared to metal mesh

Easy to handle and no sharp edges

High strength and tear resistance

Non-shedding properties

No corrosion

Chemical and thermal stability

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Your Benefits

Exact and repeatable screening properties (high precision mesh opening)

Easy for molding (defined and constant mesh parameters)

High flow rates (low pressure drop, maximized open area by use of fiber down to 24 µm)

Adjustable hydrophobic levels, ranging from 100 to 135 degree contact angle (surface modification)

Maximum technical range (materials, diameters and weaving patterns)

Longer lifetime (efficient removal of particles and debris)

Cleanliness (smooth surface)

Good replacement/substitute for metal filters (thermal and chemical resistance)

Variety of conversion configurations


Please call us for further information. We will also gladly send you fabric samples!

Further details can also be found in the brochure 'Appliance industry' under Downloads.


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