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Filter Components

In customer-specific applications, fabric solutions from Sefar are processed for perfect function of the end products. Sefar offers products for numerous applications, including automotive, acoustics, aerospace, appliance and healthcare.

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Fabricated Filter Components

For around 190 years, Sefar has been providing fabric solutions for use in a wide variety of applications. Sefar’s global network of subsidiaries supplies vast knowledge that enables us to provide and develop enhanced customer-specific solutions.

Our ‘Filter Components’ department offers a wide range of fabrics for use in the automotive, acoustics, aerospace, appliance and healthcare industries that are innovative and designed to maximize customer satisfaction.


Sefar develops state-of-the-art filtration solutions, tailored to the application and customer requirements.

Our high-precision fabrics are made using the finest monofilament threads have functional finishing, such as coatings designed specifically for their end-use. The skilful combination of different filtration media results in a wide variety of solutions.


All Sefar products are ISO 9001 and EN 46001 certified. On customer request or in special applications, Sefar fabrics that come into contact with food can also be produced to comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or in accordance with the EU directives such as the RoHS and USP.


In the Automotive range of products, filters are made that protect relevant mechanical and electronic components. Sefar produces high-precision screens made of monofilament fabric for safety filters to protect valves, pumps and sensors. Depth filtration media is required when high dirt pick-up is required; an example is the Fuel/AdBlue filter. The production is carried out in accordance to the closely monitored, most-recent automotive standards (IATF 16949) in our own automobile cleanroom.


In the Acoustics range, our finest fabrics provide a constant, reliable acoustic performance while also protecting sensitive components from dirt, particles and liquids. Having an enormous range of acoustic impedances, our fabrics enable optimal sound and tone-quality in a variety of speakers and microphones.


In the aerospace industry, Sefar’s fabric solutions are used to separate unwanted water from kerosene. They are also used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and for reducing engine noise.


Somewhat coarser fabrics are used in appliances for water and coffee filters. Air conditioners, washing machine and air filters, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers often also make use of the outstanding quality and longevity of Sefar fabrics.


The Medical Division supplies solutions for diagnostic test strips, filters in infusion sets and blood filters, wound dressings and implants, and an abundance of other applications. These applications require the highest quality standards (ISO 13485, ISO 10993, USP VI) and are processed in Sefar’s Class-7 cleanroom.


More and more membranes in combination with our fabrics are being used in state-of-the-art filtration techniques.

Large selection

With locations around the globe, our specialists are happy to assist you in selecting the best mesh or pore-size filter for your application. Depending on the defined particle size, we can also offer different particle filter efficiency for both liquids and gases. In addition, we advise our customers on the optimization of flow rates and pressure differences, and assess the compatibility of the filter with your specific filter device. The properties of our fabrics can also be complemented by the addition of functional surfaces (plasma treatment).


All segments of our Filter Components Department use a variety of different fabrics / filter meshes. These range from SEFAR MEDITEX and close-meshed SEFAR MEDIFAB, through SEFAR NITEX (PA), SEFAR PEEKTEX (PEEK), SEFAR S-TEX and SEFAR PETEX (PET) to the finest SEFAR ACOUSTIC and SEFAR METALEN fabrics. These fabrics are made to order and supplied in the form of rolls and ribbons, molded parts, filter bags, tape and dispenser products.

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Our product range of fabricated solutions comprises

Pleated Elements


Tape & Dispenser Products

Shapes & Stamped Pieces


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    Sefar has established a new benchmark for the acoustics industry for protection of loudspeakers and microphones. 

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    Sefar has a comprehensive range of fabrics for use in the aerospace industry for ground and service applications such as dewatering fuel, hydraulics and pneumatic filter.

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    Millions of industrial and appliance filters are used throughout the world on a daily basis. Sefar offers the largest range of woven and fabricated filters available.

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    Modern automotive systems depend on precise and efficient filters to achieve maximum performance. Sefar offers open mesh, closed mesh and depth filter material.

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    Fabrics for Membrane Technology

    Our wide range of specialized polymer products meets all the requirements of membrane filtration systems.

  • Medical_Reinraum_Kontrolle


    Sefar offers the widest available selection of materials for medical devices. SEFAR MEDIFAB fabrics fulfill ISO13485, ISO10993 and USP Class VI requirements.

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    Fabricated Products

    Sefar has its own clean room assembly facilities, allowing us to easily and efficiently manufacture customer-specific semi-finished products.