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PS Glass Home-appliance

Screen Printing

Wide range of precise monofilament mesh for Printing, made of Polyester and Polyamid yarn.

Innovative solutions with pre-coated mesh and stretching equipment to provide maximum efficiency for stencil makers and printers.

PS Sujet Electronics_PCB
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PS Electronics_PCB_Thickfilm
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PS Glass Home-appliance
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Sefar screen printing mesh and accessories


Expand your view – with Sefar!
Come see for yourself how our product innovations can simplify the handling and manufacturing processes as well as reduce the costs at the same time.

For specific applications, Sefar has enhanced new Meshes, the SEFAR® PME 59/150-48 Y PW and SEFAR® PME 75/190-40 W+Y PW in our speciality range.

Open Mesh Printing

Print solutions from Sefar can be found in an almost infinite number of objects that are printed and produced, which touch our lives every day: cars, glass, smartphones, electronics, billboards, textiles, packaging, ceramics and tiles, solar cells and many more.
Sefar is the world market leader in screen printing mesh products. Sefar supplies many different printing and manufacturing industries with advanced mesh products and system solutions.

  • PS Electronics_PCB_Thickfilm


    In electronics, screen printing must achieve the highest level of reproducibility, standardized production processes and exactly defined printing parameters.

  • PS Sujet Glass


    Screen printing on glass is the preferred printing method for decorative and functional applications in automotive glass and glass for the building industry.

  • PS Sujet Graphics


    Screen printing is excellent for print finishing, displays, posters, transfer-illustrations/pictures and decals and offers ideal conditions for the presentation of high-contrast images

  • PS Sujet Plastics

    Plastics and Packaging

    Appearance always plays an important role in a purchase decision, whether it is of the packaging, the appliances themselves and other commodities.

  • PS Textiles_Light fabrics


    The textile printing market is one of the most popular screen printing applications. Textile printer continue to push the limits of creativity and cost at a competitive price.

  • PS Sujet Ceramics


    In the field of ceramic transfer printing and direct printing on tiles our extensive range of screen printing fabrics easily allow high-definition and high-color application.

  • PS Sujet Solar


    The screen print process gives the solar industry a cost-effective technology for applying the metallization layers required to produce solar cells.