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In the food industry efficient and economic liquid-solid separation is a vital process and the key to proper product. Sefar offers a wide range of filters and filter media designed for use on various equipment including: drum filters, vacuum belt filters, filter presses, vacuum dryers, plansifters, purifiers, centrifuges, vibro sifters and many others. Our unmatched experience includes state-of-the-art food certificates of conformity for every specialized product.

FS_IF_Equipment_Plansifter_Plansifter 02
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Sefar Filter Solutions for the Food Industry

To cope with the large variety of separation tasks within food applications, Sefar developed a dedicated range of filter solutions and fabrication technologies in order to maximize the performance of filter equipment. We focus on several aspects of filtration: the cost of production, level of dryness, the level of separation or product productivity as well as safety in food. By using Sefar products you have the guarantee to purchase the most advanced product for your application.

Dry food

FS_Food_Dry Food 01

Today, drying processes are widely used in food processing. In many cases vacuum belt dryers are the method of choice due to their efficiency in handling large volumes and having a gentle drying process. 
Typical applications and products:

Plant extracts

Malt drinks

Cocoa mass

Bakery products (yeast)

Fruit juice concentrate

Pharmaceutical extracts

Basic chemical products

Specialized nutritional products

Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP)

Starch and gluten

FS_Food & Beverages_Starch

The extraction and processing of starch from agricultural commodities is one of the most important agro-industries worldwide. Using corn, wheat, potatoes, tapioca and rice as raw materials, about 49 million tons of starch is produced and processed annually.

While mainly used in the food and beverage industries, starch is also useful for a number of applications and industries including textiles, paper, plywood, adhesives and pharmaceuticals.


Sefar filters for rotary drum vacuum filters

Rotary drum and vacuum filters are used in starch and gluten dewatering processes and in the polishing process of syrup as a so-called pre-coating filtration. Sefar has great experience in the optimization of filtration processes in the corn wet milling industry. Our experts will work to ensure that your final filter product is of the highest quality and performance.


Centrifuges – with Sefar always on line

The starch dewatering process is a trade-off between capacity and dryness of the product. Whereas drum and belt filters are continuous filtration processes, centrifuges are batch processes. Their ability to obtain a dryer product makes them an alternative to continuous systems. In cases where an output having the best possible dryness from the starch dewatering process is more important than a continuous process, liner centrifuges are a common solution.


FS_IF_Food & Beverages_Pasta industry_Pasta belt 01

Sefar offers a variety of screens and belts to accommodate any dryer type.
Very fine screens are available for the production of ’Angel Hair’ and other small-size pasta products. Our fine screens and belts are made from the same durable materials used in Sefar medium and heavy-duty screen products. Sefar also offers a large selection of additional products e.g. SEFAR PEEK, belts for pasta and feed dryers and for all typical screening and filtration applications.


FS_Food & Beverages_Cheese-processing

About 4 billion hectolitres of cow’s milk are produced and processed yearly worldwide. Synthetic Sefar fabrics are successfully used in some processing steps.

Sefar solutions for applications in the milk industry – sieve cylinders for all well-known brands such as AZO.

Belts for the draining of fresh cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese etc.

Under-racks for cheese maturing

Inlays for small cheese forms

Separation-/draining-mats for the draining of several cheeses in a form

Filter sleeves for milk powder using SEFAR PHARMA GMP Bags


FS_Food_Sugar Industry 02

Sefar understands the requirements of Sugar process filtration. To cope with these demands, a wide range of filter media, production and testing facilities, accompanied by expert knowledge, are available. When you choose Sefar, your innovative specialist for filter media, you choose efficiency, quality and value-for money, ensured by expert service and customer dedication. Sefar offers you solutions to the unique challenges of your application. Sefar has all steps in-house with a full range of options for your process and we offer products for filter press, pressure leaf filter and diastar filter.

Edible oil

FS_Food_Edible Oil 02

Sefar is the only supplier offering a complete range of highly conductive fabrics with our unique yarn. Our highly UV resistant fabrics have been specially designed to give longer life. We provide, under request, declarations of food regulation conformity (FDA or EU 10/2011). Our production facility in Malaysia is of course Halal certified.


A collaboration of field sales and engineering personnel support our products and can assist you in providing the proper solution. This includes choosing the exact performance and product type to best meet your requirements. Choose Sefar as your trusted source for filtration and screening products. We are ready and capable of meeting your needs.

Contact your local
filtration specialist

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Centrifuge 01


    Sefar offers innovative filter solutions for centrifuges, such as liners and bags for use in the food industry.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum belt 06

    Vacuum Belt Filters

    Sefar’s unique DLW construction, combining two different fabric layers, is the material of choice for horizontal vacuum belt filters.

  • FS_Equipment_Filter press_Filter press 05

    Filter Presses

    Sefar has extensive experience in many applications and offers ready-made filter elements adapted to fit customer’s requirements like cake moisture, particles retention etc.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Horizontal disc_Horizontal disc 01

    Horizontal Disc Filters

    Our filter cloths for disc filters are designed for long life and easy maintenance. They are available in special materials to withstand all kind of environment.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Nutsche_Fabrication 01

    Nutsche Filter Dryers

    Pressure Nutsche filters are simple and proven filter systems for solid-liquid separation, from medium sized batches to various filter media.

  • FS_Equipment_Drum filter_Drum filter 07 (C)

    Rotary Drum Filters

    Sefar’s innovative synthetic fabric is the material for rotary drum filters. Sefar filter belt and cover solutions offer excellent separation efficiency and a long, trouble-free lifetime.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Leaf filter_Leaf filter 01

    Leaf Filter

    Sefar multichannel bags for leaf filters show a unique performance in red mud clarification. They are known to last longer and yield higher results.

  • FS_IF_Food & Beverages_Milling industry_Filter bags 01

    Filter sleeves

    Under the brand SEFAR TETEX NF we offer a comprehensive range of filter bags for dust filtration systems in the food industry.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum dryer 05

    Vacuum Belt Dryers

    Sefar’s innovative TETEX DRY fabrics are the ideal material, covering the most commonly-used brandwiths of drying temperature and solid content levels.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Plansifter_Plansifter 03


    Under the brand name SEFAR NYTAL we offer a comprehensive range a fabrics specially made for plansifters.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Purifier_Purifier 01


    Under the brand SEFAR NYTAL we offer a comprehensive range of fabrics specifically for purifiers including open-mesh polyester fabrics.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Screening_Vibro 01

    Centrifugal, Vibro-/Turbo Sifters

    Under the brand-names SEFAR NYTAL we offer a comprehensive range of fabric cylinders for centrifugal sifters.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Fluid bed dryer_Fluid bed dryer 02

    Fluid Bed Dryers

    Fluid bed dryers are used for drying, agglomerating or coating. Sefar is one of the leading manufacturers of tailor-made filters and spare-parts.

  • FS_IF_Food & Beverages_Milling industry_Sleeves 05

    Dust Filter Bags

    Sefar Filtration produces a wide range of dust collector bags, dust filter socks and dust collector sleeves for most industrial dust collection applications.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Filter bags 01

    Filter Bags

    Sefar Filtration collaborates with leading producers of liquid filtration equipment and products for their filter bag requirements and services.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Filter cartridges

    Filter Cartridges

    Partnering with leading filter cartridge producers, Sefar Filtration are able to offer the highest quality filter cartridges to suit most industrial filtration applications.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Bos vessels & bags

    Filter Housings

    Partnering with major filter housing producers, Sefar Filtration offer the very best quality filter housings available for the industrial filtration industry.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Pleated elements 03b

    Pleated Elements

    Sefar Filtration produces a wide range of dust collector bags, dust filter socks and dust collector sleeves for most industrial dust collection applications.