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Concentrate and Tailings Dewatering for Base and Precious Metals

For over 190 years, Sefar has been the leading problem solver, providing technical woven solutions, worldwide. We offer the broadest selection of filtration and separation products, backed by an experienced team of application experts. 

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Concentrate and Tailings Dewatering for Base and Precious Metals

Base and precious metals and rare earth are among the most valuable of earth’s resources and the commercial use is increasing rapidly.


The unique Sefar range of tailored filter solutions helps the mining companies to optimize key processes in order to maximize the performance of each filter equipment utilized in the concentrate and tailing dewatering of the base and precious metals leveraging on our full global & local support.

We help our customer to improve five aspects of their processes:


The cost of production & ownership

The quality of the final product



Environmental footprint

Our aim is to help you boost capacity, raise yields and ensure operational safety.


Treating and filtering concentrates and residue tailings requires a wide range of filter media to cover the large variety of requirements resulting from the various products and production processes. 


Sefar provides customised tailored filtration solutions for all main types of filtration equipment used in the Separation & washing of Concentrate and Dewatering of Tailings/ Mine Residue of the base and precious metals, based on fabrics developed in house by Sefar to meet the specific needs of our customers.

The main equipment found in these processes are centrifugeshorizontal vacuum belt filtersfilter pressesrotary discs and drum filters as well as pressure leaf filters

Filtration Solutions for Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters


Sefar is the global leading manufacturer of woven filter cloths for Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters.


Sefar invented the high-performance SEFAR TETEX® Double Layer Weave technology (DLW).


The filter media‘s unique construction combines two different fabric layers mechanically through weaving.

In comparison to a single layer fabric, belts made from SEFAR TETEX® DLW deliver outstanding filtration results: high vertical and lateral liquid flow properties, excellent resistance against creasing and mechanical stress, reduction of the cake moisture and solid content in the filtrate. Best filtration results in service life performance by combining the functions of a fine filtration layer and a support drainage layer.


Sefar also offers standard filter media types like SEFAR TETEX® MONO and SEFAR TETEX® MULTI fabrics, depending on the specific application.


Main Customer Benefits: 

Improved cake drying and mechanical filter cake formation

Reduction of residual moisture content

Continuous dewatering

Continuous feed and solid-liquid separation performance

Best cake discharge

Suitability to handle large throughputs of fine or rapidly settling suspensions

Optimised design for ideal belt tracking

SEFAR TETEX MONO versus DLW dewatering precious metals

Filter Press Cloths

Sefar provides solutions for all types of filter presses used in the process industries, based on fabrics specifically developed to meet the needs of our customers. Sefar and original equipment manufacturers have been collaborating for a long time in order to optimize each customer‘s process. Sefar offers integrated, application and equipment specific solutions from one source.

For this equipment, durable cloths with good dewatering and washing efficiency, as well as long, trouble free lifetime are offered for tailing dewatering management. 

FS_Coal_Filter press

Main Customer Benefits:

High Filtration capacity

Reduction of cake moisture

Excellent cake release

Best chemical and mechanical stability

Easy to install

Long service life

Sefar is the trusted and reliable source of choice for innovative filter solutions in major mining and refining operations all over the world.


With Sefar you get proven, integrated solutions from one source.


If you would like to have further information, request for advice to our Filtration Specialist.

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For further technical information please contact our Regional Market Manager Oceania for Minerals Industry


Max Riboni

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