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Shapes, stamped pieces

Our shapes and stamped pieces are used in a variety of applications in following industries:
automotive, healthcare, industrial appliance, household appliance

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Shapes, stamped pieces

Stamped pieces are convenient for insert molding and are made from Sefar fabrics by a cold, laser or ultrasonic stamping process.

Using state-of-the-art laser and ultrasonic punching equipment, SEFAR MEDIFAB® and SEFAR MEDITEX® solutions can be tailored to virtually any shape or dimension. Laser cut parts can be produced in multiple layers. The high-precision laser cut parts are characterized by high edge quality. Laser cutting allows for elaborate shapes to be cut that are specific to the customer’s design needs. Small parts can be produced on dispenser tape. This guarantees a high quality during transport and storage and often also simplifies further processing (e.g. pick and place)

Product forms

Cold stamping is the most economical process and provides standard-tolerance pieces with edges that are not sealed. Cold stamping is possible for all fabrics. Piece dimensions range up to 1000 x 1000 mm

Laser stamping provides a heat-sealed edge. Maximum dimensions are 480 x 480 mm

Ultrasonic stamping is available for fabrics having mesh openings < 400 µm. It ensures tight tolerances and provides high-quality sealed edges which do not fray

Stamped discs with a diameter range of 6 to 95 mm are possible. Multilayer pieces are possible

Packaging / Labeling

Stamped pieces are packed into sealed PE bags

Stamped pieces made of SEFAR MEDIFAB fabrics are double bagged

The label contains the following standard information:
manufacturer, material, outer dimensions, manufacturing date, order number, batch number

If it is packed according to medical standards (double-layer packaging), the label is attached to the inner bag

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Your Benefits

Almost unlimited range of shapes (various technologies)

Suited for healthcare applications (SEFAR MEDIFAB, double bag)

Traceability (label)

Non-fraying edges (depending on selected technology)

For industry/application specific use please see links below:

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FS_FC_Industrial & Appliances_Household filter Combi
FS_FC_Healthcare_Diagnostics_Test strip 03
FS_FC_Industrial & Appliances_Membranes 01
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